www.tvnzgreenroom.co.nz is a community of people who have been invited to be part of a unique community owned by TVNZ and run on our behalf by Colmar Brunton Research. At TVNZ we want to hear what our customers think, so that our business decisions are in tune with viewer needs. Members of The Green Room will be invited to respond to questions via online discussions and surveys about a wide range of ideas and TV programmes. The surveys are completely confidential and personal information will never be shared, unless your permission has been expressly given.

TVNZ owns and manages The Green Room but we have commissioned Colmar Brunton to set up and run the community on our behalf. The contact database remains the property of TVNZ. To find out more about Colmar Brunton click here.

If you’d like to join, simply go to www.tvnzgreenroom.co.nz and sign up. You will need to complete a registration survey to join.  Once you’re a member of The Green Room, you can look forward to participating in regular surveys and chat forums with the chance to win one of five $100 cash prize draws each month.

Once you have become a member of The Green Room, you will be sent invitations to take part in surveys or chat forums via email.  The email will contain instructions for you to sign in to www.tvnzgreenroom.co.nz where you’ll find a link to the survey.  You can also check the site for available surveys and polls.

Yes, whenever you complete a survey, quick poll or take part in a discussion board, you go into monthly draws for one of five $100. Sometimes there may be extra draws related to particular surveys. If you complete one of those surveys you’ll go into that draw too.

You will be notified by the team at Colmar Brunton on behalf of TVNZ and payment will be made electronically. The winner’s username will also be on the website in the monthly winners circle.

No, you will be sent a unique link to the survey you have been invited to participate in. As only one response per person is required, once the survey associated with the unique link is completed and entered into the system the link becomes invalid, and cannot be used again.

It would be inadvisable to have someone else complete a survey for you. This is because the unique link you are sent is securely matched with your own personal profile – information about you such as your age and gender, for example. By analysing your answers next to your profile, Colmar Brunton is able to provide TVNZ with solid, useful information about what a customer like you really thinks or wants when it comes to television content.

Firstly, go to the My Profile page on the main menu and select My Details. Then click on the ‘choose file’ box (above the avatar icon). Next select the appropriate folder where you normally keep your photos. Choose a photo and click ‘open’. You’ll then be taken back to the My Profile page and finally click on the ‘update image’ box to refresh your avatar image. Please ensure all images are family friendly!

The planned frequency of surveys is between two and three a month. You do not have to accept every invitation.

Colmar Brunton are acting on behalf of TVNZ in recruiting customers from the TVNZ website into The Green Room. At no time will Colmar Brunton pass on your personal profile or information to ANYONE, without your express permission for a specific reason. The resulting data from each survey is presented in an aggregated form only (i.e. all the information is put together to form one survey report). You can feel totally secure in the fact that not even your name will be passed on, and you will not go on any other Colmar Brunton panels or databases unless you sign up for them independently.

When you join The Green Room you will be asked to give your contact information and other personal information (such as name and email address). This information is used to contact you about news and topics relating to the community and to notify winners of the monthly prize draw. The surveys community members will take part in are completely confidential and personal information will not be shared unless you have expressly given your permission.

The Green Room can be accessed on most computers and operating systems, as well as most common browsers. If you are completing a survey using older browsers such as IE6 or below then you may encounter some problems on the occasional survey, especially those featuring a short video or animation which may require a fast connection or Flash player. If there are any specific software requirements, these will be mentioned at the start of the survey. Please contact The Green Room support team on survey@tvnzgreenroom.co.nz if you do have any trouble with your operating system or browser correctly displaying content within The Green Room or sent via email to you.

Some of our surveys may contain images. If they do not download, then please check your browser settings to ensure that you have ‘show pictures’ turned on. In your browser window go to tools / internet options, click on the advanced tab, scroll down to multimedia and ensure the ‘show pictures’ box is ticked. Please contact The Green Room support team on survey@tvnzgreenroom.co.nz if you have any further problems.

A very long download time can sometimes be due to general congestion on the internet (in that case try again later). Also if you have a dial up modem with a speed less than 56kbps then it will also take a little longer. If the survey does not load at all then please contact The Green Room support team on survey@tvnzgreenroom.co.nz for further help. We will make every effort to keep the size of the survey at a very manageable level for most browsers and connections to ensure your experience is as quick and smooth as possible.

Unfortunately you can encounter internet difficulties from time to time. Again, this may be due to an older computer with a browser that is not compatible with our community surveys. Re-clicking on the survey link should re-open the survey at the last question you answered, however, if this does not work please contact The Green Room support team on survey@tvnzgreenroom.co.nz. If you still have questions about whether your computer is compatible, The Green Room support team can reset the survey for you to try again.

Please remember that your unique link can only be used once. If you have not yet completed the survey, then try the following: Exit out of the survey page and try clicking on the link again. If you still have any trouble, please contact The Green Room support team, on survey@tvnzgreenroom.co.nz.

Once you have submitted your answers you cannot go back and change them so please think carefully when selecting your answers. For any further questions or problems you may have please direct an email to The Green Room support team, on survey@tvnzgreenroom.co.nz.

The Green Room is a term used to describe a reception room within television studios where visitors are welcomed before they appear on shows. We thought it a fitting description for our new community and we look forward to having you involved.